Work Applications

Work problems involve two or more people or machines (etc.) working either with or against one another to perform a task.  Many books use a chart to organize information into an equation to solve this type of application problem.  There is also a work formula.  It may be easier to solve work problems with this formula.

The formula is simply,  , where a and b are “working alone” times and T is the working together time.

Problem:  Mateo can cut the yard in 8 hours, Chet can cut the yard in 14 hours, how long will it take to cut the yard if they work together?

Since 8 hours and 14 hours are working alone times, substitute these values into the formula for a and b.  Solve for T.

                             … LCD (8, 14, T) = 56T … multiply all terms by 56T



                   7T + 4T = 56

                    11T = 56



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