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  Why do I have to take a Learning Support Math course?

It has been determined by a placement test that your mathematics/algebra skills are not sufficient to be successful in a college level mathematics/algebra course.  The purpose of the Learning Support Math program is to help you to meet your college mathematics requirements/mathematics goals.


Why do I need mathematics courses anyway, I am not a "math major."

Mathematics/algebra skills are not just simply calculating formulas and equations.  You will learn problem-solving skills which will help you in any field in which you intend to major.


  I missed class.  Did I miss anything?

No ... The class voted to sit and do absolutely nothing since you were absent!  Actually we sat around and talked about you and how much we missed your presence in class.  Get serious!  Of course you missed something!  You missed a great opportunity to be with a fantastic bunch of peers who are perfecting their algebra skills and their understanding of concepts.  You also missed an opportunity to get help on your assignments from your instructor or instructional aide.  If you miss a class meeting points will be deducted from your attendance grade.  Regardless of the reason for the absence, you are responsible for pacing yourself through the material for the semester.


Is there anything I can do for extra credit?

Absolutely NO!!!  The course is designed to be a mastery course. You must show a mastery of 80% on a pre-test or 75% on a post-test for each of the 5 competencies. Your attendance will comprise 10% of your grade and the tests will comprise 90%. You must pass a minimum of 3 competencies out of 5 to pass MATH 0800 and the remaining competencies (if any) in MATH 0802.


Is there anywhere on the Internet that I can go to review?

All homework and tests are completed on the Internet at the website If you are viewing this page then you are probably aware of the algebra tips page and the competency reviews available at this website.


Where can I get extra help?

I am available for help outside of the class during my office hours.  I am also available for help by email  You may also choose to visit the Learning Center where you may access materials that may help you or you can meet with one of the math tutors who are there to help you with your questions.

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