Summary of  Logic Statements


Negation  ~  is the opposite truth value  ~ T is F

Conjunction (and)  P Q is true only when both statements are true

Disjunction (or)  P Q is false only when both statements are false

The Conditional  P → Q is false only when P is true and Q is false

The Conditional  P → Q is equivalent to ~P Q

The Negation of the Conditional  P → Q is P ~Q

The Bicondional P Q is true when both P and Q have same true value


Conditional Statement  P → Q

Converse Statement  Q → P

Inverse Statement  ~P → ~Q

Contrapositive Statement  ~Q → ~P


DeMorganís Laws

~ (P Q)  =  ~ P ~Q

~ (P Q)  =  ~ P ~Q


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