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Meet the Instructor

I was born in Norfolk, Virginia in December, 1953.  My parents were wonderful Christian examples; for me, that is their legacy.  They are both now deceased.  I have one sister and two brothers that still live in Virginia.  After graduation from high school and one semester of college, I married in December, 1972.

My husband, Dave, was in the United States Marine Corps when we married.  I left Virginia with him and traveled all over the USA, living in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, California (all three regions) and Washington.  Dave completed twenty years of service as a Marine (semper fi) and we relocated to Shelbyville, Tennessee in 1986.  He grew up here and his Mother lives nearby in Lynchburg, Tennessee.  We have been married 42 years.  He is now fully retired as an Associate Professor of Computer Sciences at Motlow State Community College.

When we moved to Tennessee, I decided to continue with my education. I graduated with my A.S. degree in Mathematics from Motlow State Community College in May, 1988.  I then transferred to Middle Tennessee State University where I graduated with my B.S. in Mathematics in May, 1990 and my M.S.T. in Mathematics in August, 1993.

I taught Developmental Mathematics from August 1991-May 1992 at Motlow State Community College and from August 1992-May 1993 at Middle Tennessee State University.  Upon completion of my M.S.T., I began teaching at Columbia State Community College.  I am now an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Columbia State.  I enjoy telling mathematics jokes in class, although sometimes they are pretty corny.  I also have a large volume of mathematics cartoons which I often share with my students.  I love to teach!  My enthusiasm is evident in my classroom.  I genuinely love people!

Dave and I have two marvelous daughters and two wonderful sons-in-law. Jennie, our "oldest", is a graduate of Carson Newman College earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in July, 2000.  (Dr.) Jennie, M.D. earned her medical degree in May, 2006 from UTMemphis.  Jennie is married to Jeremy.  Jeremy is a graduate of Emory University earning both a B.S. (2004) and an M.S. (2005) in Mathematics and Computer Science.  Jennie and Jeremy are currently living in Warner Robins, GA where Jennie is a Pediatrician and Jeremy is a Computer Software Engineer.  They are the proud parents of our first two grandsons, James (3 1/2 yrs.) and Henry (1 1/2 yrs.)  Julie, our "baby", is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University earning a B.S. in Mathematics in May, 2003 and a M.S. in Biology in May, 2006. She completed her PhD in Computational Biology from UCMerced (2013.)  Julie is married to Josh.  Josh earned his B.S. in Computer Science from MTSU (2002), his M.S. in Computer Science from Vanderbilt University (2004) and his PhD from UCMerced (2012.)  (Dr.) Josh is returning to MTSU in the Fall of 2014 to be a faculty member in the Computer Science department; (Dr.) Julie will be working at Vanderbilt University as a post-doc in a research laboratory.  They are the parents of my first grandchild, Evelyn (6 yrs.) and our 3rd grandson, David (1 yr.)  We are very proud of the accomplishments of all of our 'children,' but are especially happy that they are all Christ-directed.  We are confident that they will all use their special talents to His Glory.

I love to be with my family ... my husband, my two daughters, my sons-in-law, and my sweet little granddaughter and 3 precious grandsons ... they are the loves of my life.  We often vacation together.  When we are at home we like to watch videos, especially sappy love stories, comedies, and mysteries; or play board or card games; or put together jigsaw puzzles.  I have another webpage that has other information about me ... if you are interested then click on this link ... personal page.


                      Dave and Mary Lou                                                Jennie, Henry, James, and Jeremy



                                                           Julie, Evelyn, Josh and David



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