Math Jokes

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I warn you these jokes are "corny"

  Old mathematicians never die, they just lose some of their functions.

  A math classroom sign read, "Mathematics dispensed here, bring your own

  Why was the math student's exam wet when the teacher returned it?
     .... (because it was below C-level)

  Why did the student eat his math exam?
     .... (because the teacher said that it was "a piece of cake")

  Trigonometry for farmers:   swine and coswine.

  How do you make seven even? .... (take away the "s")

  Two's company, and three's a crowd, but what is four and five? .... (nine)

  What would a math student say to a fat parrot? .... (poly-no-mial)

 What would you say if someone's parrot had died? .... (poly-gon)

 What would you say if someone took your playing cards? .... (dec-a-gon)

 What kind of insect is good at math? .... (an account-ant)

 Why do lumberjacks make good musicians? .... (because of their natural log-a-rithms)

 What did Noah build? .... (an arc)

 How do kids like their ice cream served? .... (cone)

 What do you call a sunburned man? .... (a tan-gent)

 What does a bloodhound do when chasing a woman? .... (cent-er)

 What do you call a person who writes for an inn? .... (in-scribe)

 What does an acorn say when he grows up? .... (ge-om-e-try)

 What do you call a politically correct angle? .... (right)

 What do you call a stubborn angle? .... (obtuse)

 What do you call a pretty angle? .... (a-cute)

 What do you do with yarn and a needle? .... (u-nit)

 What do you do if you are outside during a thunderstorm? .... (co-incide)

 What does a lumberjack do to trees? .... (axi-oms)

 How do high schools schedule students for gym class? .... (bi-sects)

 What does a dentist scrape from your teeth? .... (calculus)

  What are eyeglasses good for? .... (di-vision)

  What do clowns do after April 30th? .... (ma-trix)

  What do mathematicians sleep on? .... (ma-trices)

  What does a bull add with? .... (a cow-cu-lator)

  What would you call someone who counts their fingers? .... (a digit-al computer)

  What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by
     its' diameter? .... (pumpkin "pi")

  What do you get when you add 50 female pigs and 50 male deer?
     .... (100 sows 'an bucks....$100,000)

  What does a mathematician call the occupied restroom on an airplane?
     .... (A hy-pot-en-use)

  When a student asked her grandmother for help "finding the least common
    denominator" the grandmother replied, "You mean they haven't found that yet.
    They were looking for it when I was in school."

  A father, angry because his teenage daughter had missed her curfew, told
    the teenager, "I told you to be home by a quarter of twelve!"  The girl responded,
    "But my math teacher said that of 12 is 3."

  Calculus students are sometimes clueless.  They think that General Calculus was
    a war hero.  If he did actually exist he probably knew how to "integrate"
    his troops and "differentiate" between his allies and his enemies

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